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Why You Should Consider Adoption as one of Your Unplanned Pregnancy Options

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on June 26, 2015

considerNo one likes feeling like they are trapped. And finding out you are pregnant when you didn’t plan on it can be one of the scariest feelings in the world. Wondering what your future will look like now that you have these big choices to make can be frightening.

This is why open adoption is one of the best unplanned pregnancy options for women in just this situation. You don’t have to be afraid, and you don’t have to forgo a bright future for yourself. Considering adoption for your unplanned pregnancy gives you many options that might otherwise be unavailable to you.

You Can Move on With Your Future

It’s common for moms who aren’t ready to have kids to feel like they need give up their dreams and plans to raise their child. Going to college, getting the great job you dream about, and making big plans for the future...those are all things you may have to put on hold if you aren’t prepared for the extra responsibility of raising a child.

Choosing adoption gives you the opportunity to continue with your life and make big plans. In some cases you can even get more advantages when you choose to start an adoption plan. When you consider choosing an open adoption with Lifetime Adoption, you have access to scholarship opportunities from the Lifetime Adoption Foundation  to begin your life after adoption with career path options.

You Can Still Know Your Child

Open adoption is a really special way to give everyone what they need. You get to go on with your life and make the choices you know will bring you success and happiness, and your child gets to have a loving, stable family who is ready to raise a child. And the best part is, you can choose to still know your child if you want to.

Once you choose a family that you want to adopt your baby, you and the adoptive family can sit down and agree on a plan for how much contact you will have once the baby is born.

You Can Get Help If You Need It

There are many options available for birth mothers who need assistance during their unplanned pregnancy. If you are choosing adoption for your baby and you need help with medical care or housing costs, you have options.

The best way to get started with the assistance you need is to call Lifetime Adoption at 800.923.6784 and talk with a pregnancy coordinator who can give you all the information you need to consider your unplanned pregnancy options and to get started with your adoption plan, if you’re ready.

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