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Find Out Why This Multiracial Couple Will Make Great Parents

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 20, 2017

kirk leslie collage.jpgKirk and Leslie are a multiracial, Christian couple who love to laugh, explore, and learn. Adoption has already touched their lives in many beautiful ways, and adopting a child of any race has been a way they've wanted to grow their family. Kirk works during the week, while Leslie will be a stay-at-home mom. They're committed to providing your child with a stable, financially secure, Christ-centered home! Keep reading to learn more about why Kirk and Leslie will make great parents! 

Kirk shares about his wife, "Leslie is incredibly artistic. She pictures something and then makes it, be it curtains from kitchen towels, a spice rack, or beautifully decorated cakes. She has a gift for dancing and was almost a professional ballroom dancer. Leslie also has a keen eye for photography, with a few of her photos having been on exhibit.

Leslie was adopted at 4 into a wonderful and ethnically diverse family. Many life experiences lend to her heart for children. Before meeting me, Leslie dedicated 18 years to teaching and counseling students from kindergarten to college. Leslie will be the best Momma a child could ever have, as her love and attentiveness will always be something your child can rely on!"

Leslie has this to say about her husband: "Kirk is an incredibly warm, loving, and compassionate man. He enjoys children, and they love hanging out and having fun with him. He is an amazing singer/songwriter and guitar player. He loves working with his hands and can do anything from cooking to building a house. He is an avid reader and has an incredible memory. He is fun-loving; making funny faces, making up funny dances and joking around, all of which makes for much laughter in our home. Kirk has gained many talents and been blessed with many gifts. As a Daddy, I know he will utilize them to love on, teach, encourage, and guide the child that comes into our lives!"

Watch Kirk and Leslie's adoption video & learn more about why they'll make great parents to your baby:

Washington Adoptive Couple Kirk and Leslie's Adoption Video from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

Visit Kirk and Leslie's adoption website to learn more about them, view photos, and read their letter to you. You may also browse other adoptive family profiles at If you see an adoptive family that you’re interested in, please give Lifetime a call at 1-800-923-6784.

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