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"Why Do I Need to Share My Medical History?"

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on March 2, 2018

medical-history.jpgQuestion: "I just started going through the adoption paperwork that my coordinator at Lifetime sent me. Why do I need to share my family and medical history? Does the adoptive couple have to know this info?"

Answer: Lifetime requests that you share your family and medical history so that the adoptive couple you choose knows as much about your child as possible. Adopting a child is a lifelong responsibility, and the adoptive couple wants to do all that they can to get ready to be parents. 

When the adoptive couple knows your medical history, they'll be able to provide the best care they can to your child. They'll also be able to make better-informed decisions as parents. Think about if your child develops an illness at some point later in life. If the adoptive couple knows your medical history ahead of time, they can get your child medical attention more quickly.  

Sharing your family or medical history will also benefit your baby in the future. It will provide him or her with the details needed when asked for family history at the doctor's office. It will also benefit your child later on if, for example, they have a genetic predisposition to a certain illness or disease.

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