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Where to Turn When You’re Pregnant and Considering Adoptionn

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on June 16, 2015

turnHave you been thinking about adoption? You probably don’t have an adoption expert in your family or an adoption agency down the street who can answer all your burning questions. And the internet is a great resource, but it’s so full of information, it can be hard to know what’s good advice, and whether it even applies to you.

The best place to turn when you are looking for adoption information is a qualified source with experience and a good reputation. From pregnancy advice to adoption planning, here are a few great resources to get you started.

Lifetime Adoption Birth Mother Blog

The Birth Parents Blog on the Lifetime Adoption website is a great collection of articles about adoption and your options for handling an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Information about how open adoption works, how much contact you can have with your child with an open adoption, and many other important topics are covered in these blogs. Many of the blog posts also tell stories about real women who have been right where you are and are asking many of the same questions about adoption.

Pregnancy Help Online Website has a lot of information on virtually any topic you could think of having to do with pregnancy. Questions you have about your physical and mental health, resources for help with maternity clothes, and even a free adoption app for your smartphone can all be found on this website.

Plus, there’s a free pregnancy calculator you can use to figure out your due date. Even if you don’t remember the exact date of your last period, you can still estimate to get a rough idea of where you are in your pregnancy.

Free Adoption Planning Kit

Whether you are pregnant and considering adoption, or you have children that you have become unable to care for, you need to get all the information you can about your adoption options. A free adoption planning kit with all the resources you need right in one place is a smart start to your adoption research.

The free kit includes:

Your adoption planning kit arrives in a plain envelope to ensure your privacy. No one from the outside will know you are pregnant and considering adoption until you are ready to tell them.

Pregnancy Hotline

Sometimes talking with a real person about your adoption questions can help you more than reading about it. Calling a pregnancy hotline (800-923-6784) will connect you with a qualified and well-informed pregnancy coordinator who is specifically trained to address all of your concerns.

You can bounce your ideas off a real person, and ask specific questions that have to do with your particular situation. Even just an ear to listen to your fears and give you reassurance that you have choices can be a life saver when you are stressed out.

Just knowing there are plenty of resources out there for you when you are pregnant and considering adoption can help you to feel less stressed about making the right decision for you and your baby.

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