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What to Expect in an Open Adoption After Your Baby is Born

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 8, 2016

post_placement.jpgThis post is a follow-up to a post we did last month, called "What to Expect With Open Adoption."

Your baby’s birth will begin the final part of the adoption process. It’s normal if during this time you feel many different ways, like sad, angry, and confused. What can help is one-on-one counseling, and/or support from other birth mothers.

Here’s what happens in the final phrases of adoption:

1.    Your baby’s birth. Some birth mothers feel comfortable inviting the adoptive parents (or maybe just the adoptive mom) to be in the hospital room for the baby’s birth. Or, you might decide that you’d like time alone with your baby at the hospital.

At Lifetime, we feel it’s very important for you to spend time saying hello so that you're able to say goodbye. You’re able to decide what feels comfortable for you, and also how long you want to spend with your baby.

2.    Consent and placement. After your baby is born, the consent process will begin. The process and related laws are different depending on what state you live in. The adoptive couple will pay for all legal fees.

You have the right to change your mind about adoption during this time.  If you still feel comfortable going through with your adoption plan, then you will be asked to sign legal documents to place your baby with the adoptive family.

3.    Continuing contact. You and the adoptive parents you chose will talk about how to stay in touch and how often. Your contact might be through letters, phone calls, e-mails, and/or visits. Over time, how much you talk with them may change. For example, if one of you moves it may get hard to do visits. Some birth mothers have told us that they really needed contact after their child was born, but then not as much later on.

Also, your child might need a different amount of contact as they grow up. By having ongoing contact, you can build a relationship with the adoptive families. Research and personal stories have shown that this benefits your child!
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