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What Contact Can I Have After Giving a Child up for Adoption?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on June 30, 2015

contact-1When you are considering your adoption options, you may be wondering what sort of contact you can have after your child is adopted. The amount of contact that you have after giving a child up for adoption depends on the type of adoption that you decide on.

Depending on your adoption situation, you have the option to choose a closed, semi-open, or open adoption.

  • With a closed adoption, you will have no contact with the child or the adoptive family, and your adoption professional will choose the family for you.

  • With a semi-open adoption, you may have some say in the selection of the adoptive family, or your adoption professional may choose for you. Only your first name will be shared with the adoptive family, and you will have little or no contact with the child or adopted family.


  • With an open adoption, you can choose from a long list of families waiting to adopt. Open adoption also allows you to stay in contact after giving a child up for adoption. You may want to receive letters and photos, or even occasional phone calls or visits with your child and adoptive family.

The choice is completely yours to make. If you are not sure what kind of adoption is right for you, an adoption professional can help you understand the differences and impact of this kind of decision.

If you want some level of contact after giving a child up for adoption, open adoption can give you that. The adoptive parents will be able to know your family’s medical history. This can be helpful if your child is ever sick. Your child will know that you made a thoughtful plan for his adoption. Most importantly, your child will know that you loved him enough to choose a family that could provide him the safety, stability, and security that he deserves.

Today, almost all adoptions are open, and children of open adoptions report having a better understanding of the meaning of adoption, and are better able to come to terms with the reasons for their adoption.


Your circumstance is unique, and the choice is completely up to you. You can decide exactly how much contact you want after giving a child up for adoption, and what kind of adoption works best for you and your situation. Our adoption professionals are experienced and non-judgemental, and can help you make this decision if you wish.            

Adoption is a caring way to provide the love, stability, and security for your child by giving them a solid family that can cherish them the way you want to. Open adoption isn’t goodbye forever, it is a way to watch your child grow up happy and safe.

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