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What Are the Benefits to Open Adoption?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 2, 2017

benefits to open adoption.jpgIf you’ve just started to think about adoption for your baby (or child), you’ve probably heard the term "open adoption." What does it mean? And what are the benefits to you choosing an open adoption plan for your child? Today, Lifetime shares the answers to both these adoption questions!

Open adoption means that you pick the adoptive parents for your baby. At Lifetime, we have a wide variety of waiting adoptive families living everywhere in the US. You can select the parents for your baby or child based on your criteria. Maybe you're hoping that your child grows up with a similar religion and background that you did. Or, maybe you're looking for a couple who live in a certain region of the country. Lifetime can help you as you narrow down your selection of adoptive parents. 

Also, open adoption means that you'll get updates on your child as they grow up. Many birth mothers get updates through social media, emails, and letters. Other women meet in person with the adoptive family and their child, once or twice a year. You have the right to specify how much contact you'd like. Then, Lifetime will help you find an adoptive couple who's open to that amount of contact, too. 

Adoption has progressed over the years into something different than what it once was. You might have heard horror stories of a girl whisked away to live at home for pregnant teens and deliver her child, then taken back to her everyday life and told to never speak of it again. Happily, that's not what happens in adoption anymore. 

One of open adoption's main benefits to you is that it can be a beautiful and respectful agreement between you and the adoptive parents. As a birth mother, you'd have the opportunity to be involved in your child’s life in whatever amount you're comfortable with. It also gives you the chance to create and build a relationship with your child’s adoptive parents-a relationship based on mutual respect. Although there are several benefits of adoption, the relationship between the birth mother and adoptive family is our favorite. The relationship can add a beautiful aspect to adoption that wasn't there in previous generations.

You can learn more about the benefits of open adoption here: Benefits of Adoption.
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