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What Adoption Was Like for Me - Birth Mothers Share Their Stories

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 22, 2016

birth_mom_and_laptop.jpgHave you been wondering "what's open adoption like?" and "I'm not sure I could adopt out my baby, how do women do that?" When you're thinking about adoption for your baby, it helps to see adoption from the perspective of a woman who has chosen adoption. One of the best ways to learn about open adoption is to learn from women who have created an adoption plan for a child. 

Every birth mother is unique. And her reasons for making an adoption plan for her child are, too.

On Lifetime's website, you can watch videos of birth mothers sharing their adoption story. The stories of adoption are a real-life glimpse at what open adoption is like today. Check out these real-life stories from women who have bravely and lovingly chosen open adoption for a child:

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