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"When Am I Due?" How to Use a Pregnancy Wheel to Find Out

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 30, 2019

Are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to find out when you're due? Try a pregnancy wheel, a quick and easy way to find out your due date! A pregnancy wheel is perfect for women who want to calculate and follow along with their pregnancy. It's a small, circular calendar that uses your last menstrual period (LMP) to help determine your due date.

They're also known as a gestation calculator, conception date calculator, pregnancy date calculator, due date calculator, pregnancy calculator, or pregnancy wheel calculator. These high-quality, easy-to-read vinyl pregnancy wheels will estimate your approximate due date in the privacy of your home. It can be easily carried in your purse or pocket.  

Besides talking about these handy wheels, today we're going to share some useful tips about how to find quality prenatal care for you and your growing baby. Because doctor's appointments are important for both you and your baby's health!

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Uber Health Wants to Help You Get to Your Prenatal Appointments

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on March 16, 2018

Uber is no longer just a safe way to get home after a raging party. The popular ride-sharing company is going to start a program called "Uber Health," which will give people free rides to their health care providers.

This news means that pregnant women who don't have reliable transportation will no longer have to worry about how they'll get to the doctor's office.

According to CNN, Uber is partnering with health care providers, who will schedule rides for their patients. The best part is that the health care providers will be paying for the cost of the rides!
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Help! I Can't Afford to Be Pregnant!

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 16, 2016

Question: "I'm thinking about adoption for my baby. I just can't afford to be pregnant, buy maternity clothes, and pay a doctor! How much does it cost to adopt out my baby?"

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Prenatal Appointments - What to Ask Your Doctor

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 22, 2015

Try to keep all your doctor’s appointments. Even if you have had a child before, it is good to receive the care you need to during this pregnancy.

If you have trouble getting there, let your adoption professional know. Doctor’s appointments are important to you and your baby’s health.

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