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Outdoorsy New Mexico Couple Eager to Adopt a Baby

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 14, 2018

Justin and Becca just finished creating this cute video to introduce themselves and share about their dreams of adopting a baby! They're an outdoorsy couple that runs a Native American trading post in New Mexico.  Justin and Becca have wanted to have kids for awhile, and feel that they're being called to adoption. They enjoy being outside, traveling abroad, hiking, and spending time with their family, friends, and animals. 

Justin and Becca look forward to sharing their lives with a child! If you'd like, they're open to future communication via letters, photos, and visits.

Keep reading to learn more about this hopeful adoptive couple from New Mexico...

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Adoptive Couple Trent and Kristi from New Mexico

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 5, 2016

Trent and Kristi are open to adopting a baby (or child) of any race and excited to expand their family! They’ve been for over 12 years and enjoy camping, biking, relaxing in the evening around the fire, and going on walks. Trent and Kristi faced infertility, and were blessed with three children through adoption. Carson and Madalyn were born in Ethiopia, and Shae is from Mississippi.

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