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Adoption Truth: Avoiding CPS

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 24, 2017

Some women worry that their current situation will cause her child to be taken by CPS (Child Protective Services) and then put into the overcrowded foster care system. The truth is, adoption gives you a say in your child's future. 

As one mom, Zoey, puts it, "I live with my boyfriend and I'm due in a couple months. He plans on making money to support us by selling drugs!

So, I'm worried if I try to raise my baby, she’ll end up being taken by CPS. I want her to have a stable life with two parents. Adoption lets me give her that."

If drug use or other risk factors have been a major concern of yours, consider adoption as a Foster Care or CPS alternative. Today, we're sharing a quick video with you about all about this! 

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