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Bi-lingual Military Adoptive Couple Excited to Be First-Time Parents!

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 6, 2018

Orlando and Catheran are a bi-lingual, active-duty military couple. They're excited to become first-time parents together, and have created this cute video to introduce themselves!

They look forward to sharing their interests with a child. Whether it's Catheran reading stories at bedtime or Orlando teaching skills around his workshop, your child will be introduced to many activities and encouraged to develop his or her own strengths and talents.

This military couple is excited to adopt a boy or girl of any race and will welcome an open adoption, if you’d like. Orlando and Catheran
 promise to nurture and love your child unconditionally. If an open adoption is what you are hoping for, they'd love to talk about how that might look including letters, photos, skype calls and visits. They write, "We will cherish our family’s adoption story and raise your child to know you are special to us all."

Keep reading to learn about this outdoorsy adoptive couple who live in North Carolina!

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