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Adventurous, Active Massachusetts Couple Will Be Wonderful Parents!

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on October 4, 2019

Meet Osman and Jacqueline, a loving, adventurous, active Massachusetts couple who are excited to become first-time parents through adopting a baby! They've taped this cute adoption video to share about their hope of starting their family through adoption. 

Osman and Jacqueline look forward to sharing their passion for hard work, family, and farmland with your child! They often visit the beach nearby, run road races, travel to visit family in California, Florida, and Guatemala, and renovate homes. Jacqueline designs the renovations, and Osman makes it happen. They're so excited to share their lives with a child!

What Do Osman and Jacqueline Have to Offer as My Baby's Parents?

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"The Adoptive Mom Liked Instagram Too!"

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 7, 2017

As you look at adoptive family profiles, you might be seeking a couple on the West Coast, one that has a stay-at-home mom, or a couple who follows your religion.

In modern adoption, women have lots of choices, including a huge variety of adoptive couples to pick from, and the ability to get really selective in who they pick. For some women looking at adoption profiles, they feel that something just "clicks" with one adoptive couple because they have a similar hobby or interest.

They've told us that they felt an instant connection to an adoptive couple right away, because they have the same interests or hobbies. An example is Hayley, 22, who made an adoption plan for her baby boy last year. She says:

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Adoptive Couple Jerry and Lynda from Texas

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on October 28, 2014

Jerry and Lynda are excited about expanding their family and view adoption as a great blessing. They’ve been married for seven years and their five year old daughter Maria is anxious to be a big sister. Their lives are filled with hugs, smiles, prayers, friendship, cooking, reading, singing, and college football.

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Adoptive Couple David and Lindsey from Northern California

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 9, 2014

David and Lindsey are overjoyed about the opportunity to become first-time parents! They share: “We are eager to share our love, happiness and laughter with a child. We love to travel, spend time at the beach and attend local events. We can’t wait to support your child in every step and through every day!”

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Adoptive Couple Ben and Jenny from Missouri

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 29, 2014

Ben and Jenny are a young couple who love God, life and each other, and can’t wait to share all of that love with a child. Their home is filled with laughter and joy, and they promise give your child everlasting and unconditional love in a stable, happy home centered on Christ.

Ben has a stable career as an attorney, and his job is also very family-friendly with weekends and holidays off, and lots of vacation time to spend with Jenny and their future children. Jenny is an RN (registered nurse) and plans to become a full-time stay-at-home mom once they adopt. Activities that Ben and Jenny enjoy are gardening, hiking, fishing and campfires, quiet afternoons in the kitchen cooking up something yummy, traveling and experiencing new things, game nights, playing music, reading a good book and volunteering.

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Adoptive Couple Michael and Amanda from Pennsylvania

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 12, 2014

Michael and Amanda are excited to answer God's calling to adoption. Their goal is to raise their children in a multi-cultural environment, as Amanda is from Brazil and speaks fluent Portuguese. Michael is a Pennsylvania native and an Eagle Scout! They’re a very easy going couple. They love outdoors, fitness and healthy food.

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Adoptive Couple Vinnie and Dana from Alabama

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 5, 2014

Vinnie and Dana look forward to opening their hearts to your child and helping them grow, dream, and live life to its fullest! They enjoy an active lifestyle, and are always trying new activities. Vinnie is an Expert and Apple and enjoys art, music, hiking, and vacations to the beach. Dana works as the Director of Aquatics and Family Services at a country club. She likes photography, crafts, and furniture restoration.

When they met, they each had two cats, and a few years later rescued two lovable dogs. They love taking them for evening walks & out to the dog park on the weekends. In their home, there are always lots of sweet kisses and fuzzy cuddle-buddies! Vinnie and Dana live in a three-bedroom home in a quiet subdivision in Central Alabama. They chose this area because of the wonderful schools and close proximity to parks, shopping, and sports facilities.

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