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The Top 4 Online Pregnancy Tools

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 6, 2016

online_pregnancy_tools.jpgAs you might remember reading about, we blogged last month that  there are tons of free pregnancy apps to choose from. But maybe you don’t have a smartphone, or like using a computer better. There are lots of online pregnancy tools to help guide you through your pregnancy.

From due date calculators to personalized pregnancy calendars, pregnant women today have so many online tools to choose from. The sites listed here will let you learn even more about your pregnancy...

  1. Your Due Date

The due date calculator of choice for many pregnant women! It has 5+ options to fill in to calculate your due date: first day of last period, conception date, projected due date, date of ultrasound, and more!)

And it has method that looks at your height, age, weight, and other characteristics to more exactly find out your estimated due date (EDD).

  1. Online Countdown Calendar and timer

If you feel like you’re starting labor, this site is a great way to keep track of your contractions. It’s an easy-to-use countdown timer. Just click the large “play” button when you feel a contraction coming on. Then, click the play button again when the contraction ends. Your labor coach could be put him in charge of the timer. The site also has a customizable countdown calendar, if you want to count down the days until your due date.

  1. BabyCenter

There’s tons of useful info and tools for pregnant women on this site. At BabyCenter, you can find calendars and trackers to help you during your entire pregnancy. The site offers many tools, like calendars, calculators, checklists and worksheets to help you feel organized when you may be feeling out-of-control and stressed out.

  1. The Bump

The Bump directs you during each month of your pregnancy. Customize your profile and they’ll send you emails tailored to how far along you are. The Bump has pregnancy nutrition info, tips on coping with pregnancy side effects, a pregnancy calendar, and more!

Do you have a favorite online pregnancy tool that didn’t make it on this list? Let us know by posting your comment below!

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