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The Test is Positive...Now What?!

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 12, 2018

why-consider-adoption.jpgYou've been feeling nauseous, your period was late, and you finally went out and bought a pregnancy test.

After nervously waiting the required three minutes, you held your breath and looked at the test. You prayed and demanded that the test have just one line. Your face became flushed as you saw the two lines screaming "positive" at you.

If you're reading this, then chances are this has happened to you! You're probably feeling super-overwhelmed right now. You might be feeling guilt, shock, and resentment. You might even be wondering "now what?"

If you’ve just gotten a positive pregnancy test, give yourself a few days to adjust to the reality that you are pregnant. If you're wondering what to do after you find out you're pregnant, know that you don't need to decide if you should parent or make an adoption plan right away.

To find out how far along you are, find an OB-GYN to make an appointment. They can also give you recommendations to have a healthy pregnancy, like to stop smoking, drinking, using drugs, and taking any harmful prescriptions.

The next step is to share the news of your pregnancy with someone you trust (like your best friend or a family member) and of course your baby’s father.

Take time to take care of you. This is so important because you're probably feeling really overwhelmed and stressed right now. Taking care of you means getting plenty of rest, eating well, and drinking lots of water.

And remember, you're not alone. Even though you might feel like you don't have support, you're not alone. So many others have been faced an unplanned pregnancy, so you're not the first to go through this.

It can be overwhelming figuring out what to do after you find out you're pregnant, so start by giving yourself a few days to absorb this news. You'll have some tough decisions ahead of you, so don’t rush into anything.

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