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She’s Pregnant…Quick Tips for the Guys

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 18, 2017

what to do if she's pregnant: a guide for the guysSo, your girlfriend, wife or ex just told you that she’s pregnant. Your first thoughts might be shock, fear, and frustration…that’s totally normal. But too often the guy in these situations is stereotyped as someone who denies they’re the dad, or just leaves town. That stereotype is only true if you don’t step up to the plate and play an active role in learning about the choices you have in this situation. Today we’re sharing how you can do just that.

Remember to listen to her, because this unexpected pregnancy situation is about more than just you. Right now, there are three lives to think about. Stay chill and calm: even if you’re not together anymore, she really needs your support. Even though she’s the one carrying the baby, you’re BOTH parents-to-be. Your baby needs you too, even if your relationship with your baby’s mother is rocky.

Talk about your choices, not just with each other, but also with your parents and other people you’re close to. Hiding this pregnancy from people who can help you will only add to your stress. Get info on all of your choices so that you can make the right decision for both of you. It’s important to get info about each of your three choices: parenting, abortion, and adoption. If you’re curious about adoption, check these links out: Birth Fathers and Adoption and Questions That Birth Fathers Ask About Adoption.

Don’t bail on her, because the more you run away from this situation, the harder it gets to think clearly. And, try to avoid pressuring her, because that’ll just push her away. You can play a very active role in this situation, and you have rights as the baby’s father. Listen to what she has to say, and tell her your thoughts, too.