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See How Open Adoption Works in Real Life

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 11, 2018

open-adoption-real-lifeSometimes when you're right in the middle of your adoption planning process, it's hard to see what the future might look like.

Right now, you might be trying to decide what kind of contact you want to have later on with the adoptive family and your child. Or, you might be trying to picture what life would be like for your child with the adoptive couples you've picked.

So today, Lifetime is sharing a glimpse into how modern, open adoption can look in the real world. 

Watch this video of a heartfelt note that a birth mother wrote to her daughter, and the adoptive parents she chose through Lifetime! 

What a beautiful peek into modern open adoption in real life! She writes:

"Happy Birthday to Brooklyn! I can't believe it has been two years already.

I know your parents bring you great joy and a life greater than I could ever imagine.

Your birthday is a wonderful day. A day in history I would never change. 

Thank you for being there for her. Thank you for being such a beautiful family. 

I hope today is a joyous day for you all!"

Lifetime lovingly celebrates all birth mothers this Mother's Day! And tomorrow is recognized nationwide as "Birth Mother's Day," a special day to honor you.

We recognize that you might find Mother's Day weekend to be painful. If it is, you could try getting your feelings down on paper by writing in a journal. We encourage you to remember the original reason why you turned to adoption, and the wonderful life you're providing for your child. Not only that, your decision created happy parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunt, uncles, and cousins. Some birth mothers have told us that it helped them when they saw how their decision brought such joy to so many people!

If you need someone to talk to this weekend, Lifetime is just a phone call or 
text message away at 1-800-923-6784.

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