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Relationship Q&A: Should I Stay with my Baby Daddy?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 27, 2014

Baby_dadyQuestion: Even though I’m pregnant, I want to break up with my baby daddy because I just don’t like him anymore. What’s the best way to do it?

Answer: Just from your question, I can see that you are a strong woman. Good for you! You are right to end the relationship if you are not into your baby daddy anymore. Your happiness and that of your child is the most important thing, and staying together if you don’t even like the person will not make any of you happy. The best way to break up with him is to just be honest and talk to him about your feelings. You both will need to consider what this will mean for your unborn child, and you should discuss how you plan to share the responsibilities of raising your child. Be sure that you don’t just break up and let him go without thinking about everything that is involved at this point. If he is a good man, you will want your child to have him in his or her life. So, you don’t want to be too harsh or create a communication issue with him. Actually, at this point, you should be trying to work out the best way for the two of you to communicate going forward, whether it’s face to face, calling, or texting. Whatever you decide, just don’t make the situation worse than it has to be. Try to help him understand why the relationship is not working for you. Once you’ve done this, if he has a hard time accepting it, then, that’s his problem. But you should feel good that you have already started taking positive steps toward making a good future for you and your baby.

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