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How Can I Find the Right Adoptive Parents For My Baby?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 24, 2020

When you choose adoption for your baby, your first goal is to make sure that they'll be in good hands. With open adoption, you get to choose from so many couples looking to adopt that you may feel as if you will never find "the one."

One of the best things about working with an adoption professional like Lifetime is that each adoptive parent is pre-screened. Lifetime will only show you couples who have gone through the necessary background checks, home inspections, and interviews. You can be secure in the knowledge that your baby is going to a home that will value and love him or her. The hopeful adoptive families you're seeing on our website are all ready and eager to become parents through adoption!

But how can you be sure you are choosing the right adoptive parents for your baby? These tips will help you make a decision that's right for you, and right for your baby.

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Can an Adoption App Help You Make a Decision?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 17, 2020

Today, a lot of the most important information we read is on our smartphones. In fact, some people are even turning to apps to make the most important decisions of their lives. Lifetime has its own smartphone app about adoption, which is available in the Apple and Google app stores.

If you are trying to decide if adoption is right for you, the free app "Open Adoption" is a convenient resource to help as you choose adoption or parenting. This tool enables you to view adoptive families who may adopt your child and also helps you reach out to professionals who can help you through the adoption process.

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How an Unwanted Pregnancy Might Change Your Life

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 10, 2020

Have you ever wondered how having a baby might change your life? It can be pretty crazy how much things really do change when you have a baby. You've probably heard that you won't get much sleep, and that you'll have no social life.

But things can get extra crazy if your pregnancy wasn’t planned and not everyone in your life was prepared for this huge change. Today we are going over some of the ways that your life will change once you become a mom!

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Am I a Bad Person If I Put My Baby Up For Adoption?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 3, 2020

Hannah's Story

"Am I a bad person if I put my baby up for adoption?"

This question is one that many birth mothers ask themselves over and over again when they look into adoption. This question would keep me up at night when I found myself unexpectedly pregnant. And to be honest, years later, this question can still sneak into my thoughts from time to time.

However, as I have seen the beauty out of my child's adoption and the life his parents have given him, I know I made the best decision for both of us.

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10 Tips for When the Holidays Have You Feeling Down

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 23, 2019

For many birth mothers, the holidays are a difficult time. On top of the stress of the holidays, it can be hard to deal with all the family members you’ll see and nosy questions they ask. Plus, since the holidays are often centered on children, many birth mothers may struggle during this season and its traditions.

It’s perfectly normal to feel like you’re missing out during this time. While many birth mothers dread the holidays, there are a few ways you can get through the season. These 10 tips have helped many birth mothers manage grief and stress during the holidays. We hope thatthey’ll help you, too!

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12 Things You Should Know About Open Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 13, 2019

Are you pregnant and considering adoption for your baby or child? Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and scared. The process can feel intimidating, but it’s not when you have someone that can share the steps to take and the facts that will help you feel more confident. 

Lifetime Adoption has caring Adoption Coordinators ready to help you. They will share with you the information you need to make the best decision for you and your baby, no matter where you are and at any time. Some women call us early into their pregnancy, and others contact us at the hospital in the early stages of labor. It's never too late to choose adoption, and so some women call us after their baby has been born. Our caring Adoption Coordinators can help you at any stage and will walk you through the steps. You can speak to them any time at 1-800-923-6784, by calling or texting

Here are the 12 things about modern, open adoption that we feel you should know:

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Real-Life Story Reveals Benefits of Open Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 6, 2019

"When I became pregnant at 19, I was terrified. Single, working full time, and taking night classes at the community college, I was in no position to provide the life I wanted for my baby. I was sure that adoption was the right choice, but I didn't know much about the process. I initially thought that my baby would be taken from me as soon as I gave birth. She would disappear with her new adoptive parents, and I would never see or hear from her again. Maybe she'd somehow track me down when she became an adult, as I'd seen in the movies.

While this was not the path I wanted, I thought this was my only choice. Little did I know that adoption has changed dramatically. I am so grateful for the warm, judgment-free help I received from Lifetime Adoption. Their help inspired me to choose an open adoption plan, which has given me a future with my child I never dreamed could happen...

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How to Write a Letter of Love to Your Child

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 22, 2019

When you chose adoption, you provided your child with many lifelong gifts. For most women, their reasons for making an adoption plan include the ability to provide their child with two loving and stable parents, a bright future, and every opportunity to succeed in life.

Another beautiful, cherished gift which only you can provide is a letter of love to your child. In it, you have the opportunity to share your feelings of hope and love. Writing it will allow you to release your child into the arms of the adoptive parents with trust, faith, and love. Plus, this special letter has been known to help many a birth mother face mixed emotions after placing her child. 

Wondering how to write a letter like this? How can you possibly express all the love you have for your child? Today, Lifetime Adoption is sharing 6 quick tips for writing a letter of love to your child

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What It's Like to Make an Adoption Plan

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 15, 2019

It's normal to have lots of mixed feelings after you make an adoption plan for your child. Many birth parents get a feeling of satisfaction in knowing that their child is living with parents who love and provide for them. They feel empowered as birth parents because their adoption decision helped provide their child with a good life.

Some birth parents come to find that the sense of loss is deeper than they expected. It's totally normal to feel sad after the adoption is complete, or to feel reassured and relieved. Having various feelings is very common, and your feelings might get complicated for a bit.

As you think about adoption for your baby, know that you’re not alone. Many women have been where you are right now. Keep reading to see what birth mothers have said adoption was like for them!

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Is Distance Important When Choosing Adoptive Parents?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 8, 2019

When you're looking at adoptive family profiles, there are plenty of factors to consider. Do they live in an urban or rural area? Will the wife be a stay-at-home mom? What faith do they follow? Would you like the adoptive family to have the same ethnicity as you? 

Each of these questions is important when you're choosing parents for your baby. But what about where the adoptive family lives? You might think that if you would like to have in-person meet-ups in the future, you have to choose an adoptive family who lives close to you.

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