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Open Adoption: Maria’s Story

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 14, 2015

marias_storyHere is an excerpt from Mardie Caldwell’s book, “So I Was Thinking About Adoption” about open adoption.

I remember my 17 year-old daughter, Alexis sitting down to tell me she was pregnant. She was 11 weeks along and was sure Juan, her boyfriend, would marry her. I promised to keep an open mind even though I was upset. Alexis was a smart girl and had goals for college. Both she and Juan were determined to make this work and got weekend jobs to prove to us that they could save for baby and be a family.

After three months, both kids were tired of working every weekend and bickering about little things. We talked about adoption as a way to give this child parents who were ready for parenthood. It definitely was sad, but the kids started to view adoption with relief. They could go back to a “normal” routine and pursue their goals. Working together, they picked a family to adopt the baby who would have annual visits with them.

I’m happy to report that I am “Grammy Maria” to the sweetest little girl, adopted by a family about four hours away. We have special family reunions each summer with both families, the adoptive parents, and little Gia. Alexis and Juan are in college, no longer dating, but special friends through the experience and decision they made together.

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