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Open Adoption in Birth Mother Rebecca's Life

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 7, 2015

rebecca_and_daughterRebecca is in her early twenties and made an adoption plan at 18, when she was pregnant with her daughter Lauren. She did adoption for her baby since she wasn't able to become a parent right then.

Her daughter was adopted by a couple in Texas, Rex and Polly. Rebecca continues to have contact with her daughter and her daughter's adoptive parents. This is known as "open adoption." A recent email from adoptive mother Polly shows open adoption in action:


We wanted to share a couple of photos from Rebecca's visit this month. It's been one year since she last saw Lauren, and we had a great visit with her!

In the photo on the right, Lauren is 'reading' "Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born" to Rebecca. In the second one, Lauren is showing Rebecca her back yard play skills. We are so fortunate to have Rebecca in our lives, and will have lots of pictures for Lauren's memory books that she can treasure someday when she better understands her story.”

If you're considering adoption for your baby and aren't sure if it's right for you, it helps to hear from a woman who's been where you are now. Listen online toTammy’s Story - Open Adoption: A Birth Mother’s Journey to learn how open adoption works from a birth mother's point-of-view. Click on the image below to hear Tammy's story:

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