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Nevada Adoptive Couple Adam and Alena's Adoption Video

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 15, 2017

adam alena.jpgAdam and Alena are a family of four looking to love a baby girl unconditionally! Together, they enjoy hiking, paddle boarding, and kayaking. They're open to sharing letters, photos, and visits if you wish. 

They always dreamed of raising a big family, and feel strongly they're meant to adopt their youngest child. Adam and Alena's whole family is excited and supportive about their plans to adopt! 

Adam shares about his wife, "Alena is a warm, giving and loving person; she brings out the best of me. She loves to be a help to those in need, whether it’s helping someone while grocery shopping to supporting the needs of our community. She is a big planner: every vacation we’ve taken she planned out every detail and has given our family lasting memories because everything was perfect! I know Alena adores motherhood and she’s looking forward to being there for a daughter, as much as she is for our boys. She is excited to hold her, teach her, and care for her in every way. She loves being a photographer, hiking, snowshoeing, and horseback riding!"

Alena has this to say about her husband: "Adam has been my best friend for a long time and is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. He is an ethical man and is an awesome provider for our family. When we wake up in the morning, he is always in a good mood! He walks around the house whistling, sharing such a positive attitude, which our children love to be around. Adam always makes the family breakfast on weekends, which is a fun tradition we all look forward to. He’s a protective dad who will does all he can to keep our home life stable and safe as well. He loves to hike, golf, ski, play soccer, paddle board on the lake and spend time with his family."

Here’s Nevada adoptive couple Adam and Alena's video:

Visit Adam and Alena's adoption website to learn more about them, view photos, and read their letter to you. You may also browse other adoptive family profiles at If you see an adoptive family that you’re interested in, please give Lifetime a call at 1-800-923-6784.

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