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Why This Maryland Couple Would Make Great Parents

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 29, 2017

greg julie collage.jpgGreg and Julie hope that you'll be able to see the love they have for each other, and the love they have to give a future child. They'd love to send you pictures and updates of your child to share the milestones in their life and possible visits if you wish. Greg and Julie are so excited to become parents and they're so ready to bring a child into their home! Discover why they'd make great parents...

Greg shares about his wife, "Julie is an early childhood teacher, working for the past 12 years teaching first grade.  As a teacher, Julie has the same hours as school-aged children, with summers and holidays off.  We both remember the joys of snow days and waking up to the smells of homemade hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls baking in the oven.  These are memories we cannot wait to recreate with our child. Julie will be an amazing mom because of her selfless spirit, compassion, and energetic personality!"

And Julie has this to say about her husband: "Greg works as a service technician and has been a co-owner of multiple businesses.  Greg is a very hard worker, who thankfully can build and fix just about anything.  He is an excellent provider and is always looking for ways to make me laugh. I know Greg will be an amazing Dad for the ways he is energetic and patient as an uncle and godfather to our nieces and nephew."

Watch Greg and Julie's video to learn why they'd make great parents:

Visit Greg and Julie's adoption website to learn more about them, view photos, and read their letter to you. You may also browse other adoptive family profiles at If you see an adoptive family that you’re interested in, please give Lifetime a call at 1-800-923-6784.

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