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Manicures During Pregnancy?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 18, 2015

Question: Is it safe to get a manicure or paint my nails when I'm pregnant?

Answer: It's safe to polish when you're pregnant. There hasn't been any research or study done that links getting your nails done to any defects to pregnancy. To play it safe, you might paint your nails outside if the weather's OK, or at least in a place with plenty of air flow. And, make sure to wash your hands well afterwards to remove any excess product. Standard nail-polish remover shouldn't be harmful. But if you want to be extra careful, buy non-acetone removers, such as soy-based removers.

If you're getting your nails done in a salon, just check that it's air conditioned, or at least enough fresh air flowing through. Breathing in such strong chemicals isn't a good idea, especially when you're breathing for two. Some fancier nail salons will provide a chemical-free manicure, called a "Mom-i-Cure." Call nail salons near you or check their website to see if they offer this service.

You might want to avoid getting acrylics, gels, or shellac polish. Although there's no proof that the chemicals will harm your baby, you might want to be cautious. The smell is pretty strong when they're applied, and also you're more likely to get a nail infection when you're pregnant. Plus, many pregnant women are sensitive to the smell of acrylics and it makes them nauseous (even if they've gotten acrylics before).

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