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Liz’s Adoption Story

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 30, 2016

liz_adoption_story.jpgThrough an unplanned pregnancy, birth mother Liz discovered more than just a plan for her daughter’s future through open adoption.

Liz recently shared her story in a webinar with Lifetime. In the video of it, you’ll hear two sides of one child’s open adoption. Together with the adoptive mom she chose for her daughter, Liz speaks about the fear she had of being forgotten, what she wanted most for her daughter through open adoption, and how the relationship she’s created through her daughter’s adoption has been more than she ever expected.

When she was asked why she chose Lori and her husband as parents for her baby, Liz said, "cheesecake! in their profile it said Lori's favorite food was cheesecake and I thought 'I have to know this lady!' After the adoption, we get together, drink wine, eat cheesecake and cry. We've actually become dear friends and I get choked up as I remember details of our story!"

You can watch her video by clicking "play" below:

Lori's Adoption Story from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

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