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Is Open Adoption Really Legal?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 3, 2015

legalYou have many adoption options available to you, from the adoption professionals that you use, to the type of adoption that works best for your situation. If you are considering open adoption, you can rest assured: open adoption is safe and legal.

With open adoption, you have a tremendous amount of choice. You can select a family waiting to adopt who can provide a stable and secure home for your child. Your adoption options go even further with open adoption; you can decide the degree of contact you have with your child and the adopted family. For some women, this means receiving letters and photos of their child, and for others it means occasional phone calls or visits. When you use an adoption agency like Lifetime, the process is legal and safe.

With Lifetime Adoption, you have the peace of mind that your adoption is completely legal. An attorney is provided for you for free who will follow the adoption laws. Different states have different adoption laws, and we work with attorneys and social workers who are experienced. We can even help with out-of-state adoptions if you choose an adoptive family who lives in a different state. We have successfully completed hundreds of adoptions, and we are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Open adoption is a safe option. Each of our families waiting to adopt has undergone a very thorough screening process; not everyone who applies to be an adoptive family qualifies. Background checks and FBI screens are done on every potential adoptive couple, as well as medical evaluations and financial screenings. A licensed social worker visits the home, and only then can a family be put on our list for you to consider. Each family waiting to adopt can provide a safe, stable, and financially secure home for a child.

If you have questions about what is legal or not legal about adoption, we can help you. You may have questions about your legal rights, or the rights of the baby’s father. You should never try to give your baby away without a qualified adoption professional and attorney to help you. At Lifetime, we make sure every adoption is legal and safe for the child.  

You have many adoption options to consider, and we can help you with your questions and decisions. If you want to know more about open adoption, would like to talk to another woman who has made an adoption plan, or have questions about your rights as a birth parent, you can call us at 1-888-486-0960 seven days a week. When you partner with Lifetime Adoption, you get the peace of mind that you are making the best decision, and that your choice is both safe and legal.

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