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Is Adoption Really Free for Pregnant Women?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 17, 2018

adoption-is-freeSome of the women we talk to are turning to adoption because they already have kids and just can't afford to feed another mouth. Others are choosing adoption because becoming a mom is out of the question, and they don't believe in abortion.

No matter your situation, deciding if adoption's right for you is an emotional process. And you might be wondering "how much does it cost to adopt out my baby?"

The answer is that adoption is free! There is no cost to you to choose adoption for your baby. Here's a quick break-down of the adoption services for birth mothers that you'll get for free:


Being able to chat with someone about your feelings is essential to a healthy adoption plan. Lifetime offers a couple of different types of adoption counseling; you can take advantage of either one or both! 

We'll connect you with a licensed counselor to talk with on the phone. This counselor doesn't work for Lifetime Adoption, and they're not trying to convince you of adoption.

The other type of counseling is to talk with a woman who made an adoption plan for her baby in the past. Since she's been where you're at right now, she can give you the inside scoop on what adoption is like.

And, whether you have an important question, an emergency, or you just need to talk, your Adoption Coordinator at Lifetime is available by phone, 24/7, for support and education: 1-800-923-6784.

Prenatal Care

Lifetime will help you locate and get prenatal care if you haven’t already. You might have medical or hospital expenses that aren't covered by your insurance or Medicaid. As allowable by law, those bills will be paid for by the adoptive family you've chosen. Also, Lifetime will work closely with you to create an adoption hospital plan that fits your wishes for when your due date arrives.

Living Expenses

In most situations, you're eligible to get help with living expenses if allowable in your state. Examples of "living expenses" are your rent, utilities, phone bill, and maternity clothing. An adoption attorney can help you understand which living expenses are eligible for assistance.

Legal Services

You can speak with an experienced adoption attorney to answer your questions. He or she can walk you through each step of the legal process of open adoption. The lawyer will make sure that you understand your rights in adoption.

College Scholarship

The Lifetime Foundation has awarded thousands of dollars' worth of scholarships to birth mothers who are starting or continuing their educations. You can learn more and apply for a scholarship by visiting

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