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How to Decide if Single Parenting is Right for You

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on June 30, 2017

is being a parent right for you?Being a single mom is more than just a job. It’s a major life situation that will decide what you do for many years. As you raise your child alone, your strength, patience, and sanity will definitely be tried. Deciding to become a single parent is not a decision that you should take lightly. Should you make single parenting your choice, your life will be forever changed. Before you become a single mom, here are some things to think about…

Tons of young women get pregnant unexpectedly each day. You’re not the only one, and you’re not alone: there are people out there that can help you with this situation. Before you jump into single parenting, understand that you do have a choice. Becoming a single parent doesn’t have to be the direction that your life takes.

Are you ready to give up your life as you know it? Are you emotionally ready to give up so much of your life, friendships, and education? Single parenting requires you to be willing to give it your all for your child's well-being and happiness.

Think about the father of your baby. You may end up taking on all the work of raising a child while dealing with a potentially deadbeat dad. Imagine how frustrating and tiring that is. How will you explain to your child where their dad is and why he’s not a part of their life?

Raising a child can be so expensive! Yes, there are government programs and assistance, but there will be times when, financially, everything is up to you. Friends and family usually have a lot of positive things to say before the baby comes, and promise they’ll help you out. But many women have told us that once their baby was born, people helped out at first but then they were left to figure things out. You don’t want to start a life based on the hopes that people will be there for you. Because if their help doesn’t happen, you’ll end up disappointed, scared, and overburdened with having to care for your child all by yourself.

Before you literally raise your baby by yourself as a single parent, think about these things. There’s always the choice to place your baby for adoption. Don't diss adoption until you find out more about it. With modern adoption, you have the power and the choices. Adoption might be a major life-saver for you and your baby. You want to give your baby the best possible life...even if it means someone else raises him or her.

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