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How Soon Can the Adoptive Parents Get Here?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 29, 2015

Adoption today allows a woman to choose the right time to begin a plan for her child. She can research or choose adoption any time before or after her baby’s birth, or even while in labor. It’s never too late to start an adoption plan for a child!

Once a woman starts an adoption plan, the adoptive parents of her choice will be ready to go when she is. If the baby is already born, the adoption can happen as quickly as the mother desires. Adoptive parents are ready to travel at a moment’s notice and would be happy to honor an open adoption, if desired. Modern communication makes it easy for people to connect immediately, even while traveling.

Just this week a woman called while in labor at the hospital, ready to begin her baby’s adoption plan. While at the hospital, this woman chose adoptive parents for her baby and started connecting with them. The adoptive parents were actually on vacation and willingly changed their plans to head to the hospital. Within hours birth mother and adoptive family were together in the hospital where the baby had been delivered.

Women choosing adoption set the pace for their adoption planning; when she’s ready the adoptive parents will be ready to hear from her or travel to be there for her and her baby.

24-hour help is available if you’re thinking about adoption or are ready to start an adoption plan for a child. Call anytime to speak with an adoption counselor about your questions or the steps required: 1-800-923-6784. A free book is available to help women learn what to expect as they research adoption or move through the process; you can get a free digital copy by clicking the image below:

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