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How Open Adoption Benefits You and Your Baby

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 21, 2015

Choosing adoption for your baby can be a tough parenting choice, but it shows you love and care for your child. Here are some of the many benefits for you of placing your child through open adoption:

  • Having the end say in who will parent your child
  • Security in knowing that your child will grow up safe, healthy, and loved
  • Counseling as you deal with feelings of grief and loss that might come after placement
  • Having a personal relationship with your child and the adoptive parents you’ve chosen
  • Greater satisfaction with the adoption process

Birth fathers, grandparents, and other members of your family can also benefit from communication with the adopted child and/or the adoptive family. As one adoptive couple shared, “We celebrate our daughter’s birthday with all of our friends and relatives, including his birth mother—it feels like she’s a part of our family now.”

How does open adoption benefit your baby?

Open adoption can give your child a sense of connection and wholeness. Having an open adoption arrangement can answer many of the questions adopted children have: Who am I? What are my birth parents like? Why was I placed for adoption?

Here some are the ways that open adoption is good for your child:

  • He/she knows about you and your family, so they don’t need to wonder about and search for you
  • None to very little of the feelings of secrecy and shame about being adopted
  • Being able to ask you questions firsthand
  • A sense of belonging with the adoptive couple you’ve chosen
  • Being connected his or her cultural and ethnic background and ancestry
  • Access to important medical information, such as factors that can lead to disease, or medical conditions that exist in your family
  • An understanding of the reasons that you made an adoption plan
  • Knowing that he or she looks like someone from your family, or has features that come from a blood relative

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