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How Can Adoption Help You Cope With an Unplanned Pregnancy?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 16, 2015


There are a lot of questions that go through the mind of a woman when she finds out about an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. What kind of medical care do I need during my pregnancy? How will I care for this child? Who will be here to support me after the baby is born? Luckily, Lifetime Adoption can help ease your fears about pregnancy, and help you find an adoptive family to love and care for your child.

Financial Assistance During Pregnancy

If you worry about money, or are stressed that you won’t be able to pay for the medical care you need during your pregnancy, we can help you find adoption help that will take some of the weight off your shoulders. Seeing a doctor and taking prenatal vitamins is super important for your own health, and the health of the baby. Getting in to see a doctor as soon as possible, and keeping your appointments, gives your baby the best chance at a healthy life.


Worries about medical co-pays and even how to afford gas money or bus fare to get to the doctor can put unneeded stress on you. The baby feels that stress, and it’s not good for either one of you. Luckily, adoptive families can often help with these expenses, and more.

Give Your Baby a Great Start in Life

Whether it’s something you planned on or not, bringing a life into the world is a very important job. Part of that job is making sure your child has the best chance at a wonderful life. Not being in the right financial or mental place in your life to give your child everything he needs, doesn’t mean that he or she has to forfeit the kind of childhood you would want them to have.

By choosing adoption, you are giving your child a gift that is beyond anything money can buy. Just because you’ve decided to give another family the honor of raising that child, doesn’t mean you can’t have a part in that. Your choice makes it possible for a family that desperately wants a child, to shower yours with love and affection.


Help You Plan For Your Own Future

Having children even when you plan on it is a huge responsibility. And it can throw a wrench in the works even more so when it’s an unplanned pregnancy. When you choose adoption for your baby, you can continue your life, take care of your current responsibilities, and know that your child is loved and cared for.


Not feeling up to the huge responsibility of raising a child is natural, and the truth is that every day there are thousands of people who have children, and are not prepared or ready. In a lot of cases those children suffer because the parents simply couldn’t handle the stress of it. Adoption gives you the opportunity to keep moving forward with your life in a healthy way and feel good about finding a great home for your child.


If you are stressed about an unplanned pregnancy, and want to talk to someone about how you can get help, call Lifetime Adoption at 800.923.6784 to have a confidential conversation with an adoption counselor.

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