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Help! I’m Pregnant and Have No Clue How to Tell My Parents

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 8, 2016

tell_parents_im_pregnant.jpgIf you live with your parents and have just found out you're pregnant, you're likely freaking out right now. Maybe you're still in high school, or maybe you've moved back in with your parents after college.

No matter your living situation, breaking the news to them that you have an unplanned pregnancy may be hard. Unsure how to tell your parents you are pregnant? We've created helpful tips to help you!

So we've made a quick list of 3 steps to follow to tell them:

1. Step back and look at your situation honestly: be real. Are you ready to be a mom? Could you support your baby on your own if he or she was born today? Is the father of your baby able to help out, or are you going to be a single mom? It's helpful to put pen to paper and write down the dream life you want for your child. Make sure to put in stuff like stability, love, education...whatever it is that's important to YOU. Once you've made your list, think about whether you provide all those things.

2. Are you ready and do you feel able to devote your life to being a mom? If yes, then your second step is to think up a plan and write it out. Your plan should include a budget. Get things ready as if you'll be doing this all on your own.

Do you feel like you're not quite ready right now to be a mom? Then, your second step is to examine your other choices. Adoption is a way to give your child with the lifestyle you want for them. And, you'll still be able to keep in contact with the adoptive family and your child. Your parents could be involved, too.

3. Make time to sit your parents down and have a serious talk. Let them know about your situation, and your plans for the future. It's your choice and your decision, but you're going to need their support.  If you decided to parent your baby, you'll should find out what you'll need to provide, and what they'll help out with. If adoption is something you're thinking about, you can request your parents' full support in your decision. 

We're here if you need info on adoption for your baby. Just call Lifetime Adoption at
1-800-923-6784; that line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and even on holidays. Or, you can send us a message or chat live on our website.

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