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"I Think I Need to Give My Child Up for Adoption...Help!"

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 27, 2018

adopt-out-childWe understand that there are tons of reasons why you feel that adoption might be best for your toddler or child. Maybe you're struggling to pay the bills, or maybe you just want to give your child more opportunities than what you can offer right now. No matter your reason, adoption can be a loving and positive choice.

If you're thinking about adoption for your older child, you're not alone. You still have options with modern adoption. Keep reading to learn more about putting a child up for adoption!

Lifetime Adoption is happy to help parents who are thinking of adoption for their toddler or older child. We work with adoptive families who are open to adopting a child up to seven years old.

During the toddler adoption planning process, you have the same choices as a mom placing her baby for adoption:

  • You can still select the adoptive parents for your child.
  • You'll have access to Lifetime's 24/7 support so that you can make a decision that's fully informed
  • You can take advantage of counseling from a licensed, third-party counselor
  • You can decide on the amount and type of contact you'd like to have with your child and the adoptive parents after the adoption takes place
  • You still qualify for completely free adoption services
  • You remain in control of the adoption process

No matter what led you to think about adoption, we can help. Modern adoption today allows you to remain in control over your child’s future and your own, too. It's never too late for adoption.

You can call Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784 to talk with an Adoption Coordinator about your situation. She'll share info about how to make an adoption plan for a toddler or older child, too. Just because you've called doesn't mean you have to do adoption. It just means that you're learning about it. We're here to help you explore the option of adoption so that you can make the best possible decision for you and your child.

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