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How Can This Free App Help You Decide on Adoption?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 23, 2018

smart-phone-app.jpgDid you know that there's a free app where you can learn more about the choice of adoption? The app "Open Adoption" can be really helpful as you decide if adoption is right for you and your baby.

On this free smartphone app, you can find out what's involved in making an adoption plan for your baby. Plus, it gives you the ability to look at potential adoptive parents. Included in the app are answers to some of the questions about adoption you might have.

Read on to find out how you can download "Open Adoption" for free!

You might have just begun to think about adoption, and don't want to share this news with everyone right now. And that's OK. A great way to look into adoption privately and confidentially is by downloading "Open Adoption." You can visit to get more info and access the free download. That site has links to download "Open Adoption" for either your Apple or Android device. 

Whatever your reason for thinking about adoption today, know that you're not alone. With modern adoption, you have rights and can play an active role in every step of the process. You're able to create your own custom adoption plan by selecting the parents for your child, deciding how things go at the hospital, and choosing how much future contact you'd like.

Here's what's in the Open Adoption app:

  • Info and photos about waiting adoptive families
  • A quick little e-book about adoption
  • Answers to the most-asked questions about adoption
  • Info on how modern open adoption works
  • Useful tips to help you decide if adoption is right for you
  • How to find the right services for your needs

The Open Adoption app is FREE and has tons of info about modern adoption!

Visit to get your free download.

Open Adoption smartphone app

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