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Relationship Q&A: White Lies

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on October 31, 2014

Question: My man always tells me these little “white lies”. It’s never anything really big, but I seem to catch him in lies a lot. I like him, but I don’t know whether or not I should give this more time. Do you think this will change?

Answer: Your honesty is refreshing. His dishonesty is not. I would have to say that you are expecting too much from him if you think that he will change. If he’s lying about the small stuff, can you imagine what he would do in a serious situation? Lie. A relationship should be based on trust and I don’t know how in the world you could trust him. Time won’t bring greater trust if the person is a habitual liar. Some things develop in a relationship over time, but changing a man into an honest partner is not one of them. It’s better to break things off now. You deserve to be with someone who can be trusted. With trust comes respect. If your partner respects you as an equal, he won’t lie to you. If he thinks he can get over on you with lying, then, he knows that he has the upper hand. You never want anybody to have the upper hand or to disrespect you in a relationship. So, next time, look for clues early on, and if you see those same issues popping up with trust, let him go. Let your desire for the truth set you free!

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