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Q&A: I’ve been dating the father of my baby. Wouldn’t it be better if we just got married and tried to raise the child together even if I don’t love him?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 18, 2013


You’ll have to decide if you are willing to live in a marriage that is unstable to begin with. The odds are against you because you would be marrying for the wrong reason. Raising a child in a loving and secure home is the best option for any child. An adoptive family can provide for and give your child a good role model of what a healthy marriage and family is all about, and this gives a child healthy self image.

If you are getting married because you are pregnant, statistics show you will be starting out with a greater chance of failure than in a relationship that has had time to properly develop. The decision to marry should be because you both are mature and want to marry. The time must be right with a man that is responsible and ready to settle down and provide for his family. You must ask yourself if you see your boyfriend as a good role model for your child. If not, and if you both are not equally ready to make sacrifices to provide a secure family life for your child, it is wise to consider adoption. Allow yourself time to decide what you want out of your life, before adding the commitment of parenting. Don’t sacrifice your child’s life if you and the father are not ready to make a child your first priority.

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