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Nebraska Adoptive Couple Tim and Tisha

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 12, 2014

God has blessed Tim and Tisha’s family twice through adoption and they love being parents! Tisha is a stay-at-home mom and Tim works from home. As a family, they enjoy going to the local children’s zoo and museum, checking out books at the library, and having movie nights with “popcorn surprise”.

Tisha volunteers at their church and school with things like Sunday school and bake sales. She is an amazing stay-at-home mom and creates incredible birthday cakes for the kids. She also loves to crochet and work on special projects like making Christmas ornaments with Arianna and Jax.

Tim enjoys staying involved in their church by being a part of a men’s Bible study group. His ability to work from home allows him to spend time with Jax, take/pick up Arianna from school and attend special school events. It’s pretty typical to see him reading books, playing “super-hero” or giving horsey rides.

Their neighborhood is filled with lots of kids, and the park and library are just a few minutes from their home. Their house has four bedrooms with tons of room to play and a fenced backyard that includes a big swing set and sandbox. Tim and Tisha can’t wait to take another little one on family outings to the park, the children’s zoo and to grandma and grandpa’s house!

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