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Missouri Adoptive Couple Sean and Jamie

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 19, 2014

Sean and Jamie are an active and fun couple who love life, traveling, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. Adoption has always been close to both of their hearts, as both sides of their family have been touched by adoption. They were blessed with their daughter, Camille, five years ago. They have turned to adoption because they’re not able to have another child.

They enjoy game nights, traveling, outdoor activities, and exploring what their city has to offer. Sean is a hard-working Financial Research Analyst and is dedicated to his career. He’s also devoted to being a husband and father, and enjoys playing outside, having tickle fights, and reading stories to their daughter Camille. Jamie is a wonderful, caring, and dedicated mother who works part-time as a Speech and Language Pathologist. She loves to stay active, live a healthy lifestyle, and be available to Camille.

Sean and Jamie live in an historic neighborhood in a suburb within a major city in Missouri. Their home has five bedrooms with an open floor plan, making it great for family time, play, and entertaining. They have a beautiful, large backyard that backs to woods and a creek, and a park across the street. They’re excited to grow their family and provide your child with a loving home full of laughter and special memories! Sean and Jamie promise to love your child unconditionally through life’s ups and downs. They promise to provide a loving and nurturing environment and provide the skills to become confident, caring, independent, and successful adults. Also, they promise to provide your child with an outstanding education, a family that is loving and supportive, and an abundance of friends in a diverse community.

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