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Building Families…Building Futures

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 31, 2008

In the U.S. alone, at least one-third of the population has been touched by adoption. Yet there are many in our communities who do not truly understand adoption. Lifetime Adoption Foundation has been working hard since its launch in 1998 to educate communities about adoption and to assure that women are aware of ALL possible choices.

Lifetime Adoption Foundation is dedicated to the development of healthy and fulfilling futures. Through Lifetime Foundation’s services, women can find housing, clothing, food, and emotional support during pregnancy. Birth mothers deserve the opportunity for a future after adoption in the same way they have ensured a healthy future for their child.

We help provide these services through:

* Educational opportunities for birthmothers who have lovingly chosen adoption.

* Adoption grants for families opening their hearts to hard-to-place children.

* Assistance to birthparents in need of basic necessities.

* Nationwide Outreach education about adoption.

For women who have chosen adoption, Lifetime Foundation provides an opportunity to reach their goals for the future. Scholarships for college and vocational training are available to birthmothers.

Birthmothers may find more information about Lifetime Foundation and how to apply for an educational scholarship by visiting