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Apply for a Lifetime Foundation Adoption Scholarship

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 25, 2011

This thank you note recently came to use from a girl who placed her baby for adoption years ago. She is now graduating from college, which was made possible by the Lifetime Adoption Foundation program. To find out how you can apply for a scholarship, click here.

"Dear Diane, Mardie, and the Lifetime staff,

I really wanted to thank you for the support that you provided me throughout my college years (as well as before!) Thank you for the Lifetime scholarships, as well as providing me the opportunity to find a wonderful family for our daughter at such a young age! The support has led to the graduation I have earned! I will be walking in the ceremony this May, getting my B.A. in Political Science.

Thank you again and I will keep in touch! Keep on changing lives!

Birthmother in California"