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Anna’s Story of Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 14, 2014

Anna knew she had to make a decision about her pregnancy, and soon. She was running out of time.

Her mother said she should place the baby in a family with a mom and dad. Her boyfriend said he would pay to terminate the pregnancy. Her best friend said she should keep the baby. Her head was spinning. She didn’t know what to do.

She decided to call a counselor. After a few hard, but caring talks, Anna was able to make a choice that was right for her and her situation. She wanted to move to another city until the baby was born, then place the baby with adoptive parents she had selected herself. Her boyfriend was relieved, and her best friend was upset for awhile, but got over it.

Today, Anna reflects, “Talking with someone else let me escape from the pressure I was under. I was able to honestly consider my baby’s future, and mine too! When I met the family I had selected as “ideal,” I felt they truly respected me. By doing what I thought was best, I could be proud of my decision. Ultimately, I did the most loving thing possible; I created a beautiful life for the child I created.”

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