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Alabama Adoptive Couple Cody and Ashley’s Adoption Video

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 18, 2014

Cody and Ashley are an active and college-educated couple from Alabama with two daughters. They’re ecstatic about adopting a baby to complete their family! Cody is a Mechanical Engineer and Ashley is a Nurse Practitioner. During the spring and fall, they like to take hikes at the local state park. In the summer, they enjoy going to the beach. They really enjoy the winter holidays preparing meals, snacks, and desserts to share with their families.

As a stable, faith-based family, they promise to provide an endless amount of unconditional love and support to the child they are blessed with! Cody and Ashley believe their children should be exposed to lots of different activities. They want them to develop academically, athletically, artistically, and any other way that is beneficial to them. Cody and Ashley are open to sending you future updates through pictures, emails, and possibly further contact.

Learn more about this adoptive couple through watching their adoption video:

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