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Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 9, 2013

Question: What is the difference between closed, open, and semi-open adoption?

In a closed adoption, you let your adoption professional choose the adoptive family for you. After the adoption, you will have no contact with the family or with the child.

In semi-open adoption, only your first names are shared with the adoptive parents. You may have some say in the selection of adoptive parents, followed by little or no contract with the child or family.

In an open adoption, you may choose your child's family. You may also stay in touch. Some women want letter and photos, and other want occasional visits and phone calls.

Your baby benefits open adoption in the following ways:

  • Your child will come to know that you loved him enough to want the very best for him.
  • Your child will know why you chose adoption for him
  • Your child will have the opportunity to receive information about his biological family.
  • Your child have the chance to know his genealogy and medical information
  • Your child will have the opportunity for ongoing communication witht his birth parents.

Excerpt from "So I was Think of Adoption.." By Mardie Caldwell

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