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Can I Get Financial Help While I’m Pregnant? [VIDEO]

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 4, 2016

Here's a question that we recently got: "I'm thinking about adoption for my baby. I just can't afford to be pregnant, buy maternity clothes, and pay a doctor! So I know there's no way I can support my baby once she's born. Can I get financial help?" Check out this video about to learn the answer:

financial help.jpgThe adoptive family you pick for your baby can help with your medical bills, rent, and other living expenses like your utilities.

With Lifetime Adoption, you can get free counseling, maternity clothes, food, and other items you might need.

Lifetime Adoption can also help you find prenatal care. Any medical bills that aren't covered by your insurance or Medicaid will be paid for by the adoptive family you pick.

Lifetime will support you in getting financial help during pregnancy with the expenses you’re eligible for. To get started with an adoption plan with Lifetime, just call us at
1-800-923-6784, email a caring adoption coordinator, or chat live on our site

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