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Does Adoption Allow Me to See My Child Again?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 16, 2016

should I adopt out my baby?“I’m thinking that maybe I should adopt out my baby, I just can’t be a mom right now while I'm still in high school! But, what’s stopping me from doing adoption is that I just couldn’t go around knowing I’d never see my child again. Could adoption let me see my kid ever again?!”

Open adoption allows you to keep in touch and have contact with your child and the adoptive parents you choose. Many people with open adoptions share pictures, letters, phone calls, texts, and visits. They even use social media to stay easily connected!

Every birth mother’s adoption plan looks different, depending on what she agrees to with the adoptive family. As you create an adoption plan with Lifetime’s help, you can pick how often and how much you’d like to keep in touch with the adoptive family and with your child. Some birth mothers we’ve helped decide they’d like regular updates from the adoptive parents, especially when their child is very young. You might choose to have occasional visits, emails, and call each other. You may also select to have regular visits with your child. The choices are yours!

Lifetime will help you find an adoptive family who is interested in keeping up with the amount of contact you’re hoping for. Think about what kind of contact you’d like to have with your child in the years to come. If you’d like to have a connection that involves visiting your child, then let your Adoption Coordinator at Lifetime know. She’ll send you adoption profiles about waiting adoptive families who share your desires for future contact. We have many adoptive parents who want an open adoption, and who want a relationship on whatever level you want.  That can mean as little or as much contact as you want.

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