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My Daughter is One...Is It Too Late to Choose Adoption?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 20, 2018

learn about choosing adoption for your childQuestion: "My baby just turned 1, and while it’s hard to imagine adopting her out after a year of loving and caring for her, it’s also hard to think of what could happen if I don’t do an adoption now. I can’t hold a job because the best jobs require hours beyond usual daycare hours. If I can’t pay my bills, I can’t take care of her. Is it too late to do adoption?"

Answer: It’s never too late to make an adoption plan for your child. Lifetime has helped many women who tried parenting before turning to adoption. You can oversee the entire adoption planning process, and that includes deciding when you're ready to begin. No matter if your child is weeks, months or years old, adoption is always a decision that you can make. If you choose adoption later on for your child, you have the same choices and rights as a pregnant woman making an adoption plan. This includes:

  • Creating an adoption plan that meets your goals for your child’s future.
  • Choosing the perfect adoptive parents for your child.
  • Deciding on how much contact you'd like to have with the adoptive family and your child (both before and after the adoption.)
  • The ability to get the resources, support, and services you need.
  • The power to determine when you're ready to sign adoption paperwork.

You're also able to move through the adoption process at your own speed. Lifetime isn't here to persuade you or to pressure you into a decision you're not OK with.

There's no "wrong time" to start looking into adoption, and no deadline to do what's best for yourself and your baby. To learn more about your choices and how to move forward with adoption, you can contact Lifetime anytime by giving us a call or sending us a text to 1-800-923-6784.

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