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Can My Baby's Father Be Involved in the Adoption?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 15, 2017

birth parents holding hands.jpgQuestion: "I'm 19 years old, and 15 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend and I have a great relationship, but just aren't ready to get married and have a family now, so we decided on adoption. He'd like to help me pick the couple who adopts our baby. Is that OK?"

Answer: Yes, definitely! The biological father of your baby can be involved in an adoption plan for his baby. More and more, Lifetime is seeing that birth parents (both the birth mother and birth father) are working together to create an adoption plan for their child. We can help the both of you learn about modern open adoption through sharing resources and information about choosing adoption.

The two of you can start browsing through Lifetime's online database of waiting adoptive families right now if you'd like. We have big variety of hopeful adoptive couples, living all across the U.S. You can even customize your search to see couples of a certain religion, ethnicity, career path, or age! 

In many cases of open adoption, a child’s birth father may get to know the adoptive parents and have on-going contact after a child’s adoption takes place, if he chooses. He can even have a connection with his child and the adoptive family separate from the child’s birth mother.

It's so helpful when the birth father provides Lifetime with his medical history and other important information about himself or his family to help build the baby’s medical background. That way, if your baby has any medical issues pop up later, the adoptive couple you've chosen has access to his or her family medical history.

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