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"Can I Stop My Girlfriend From Putting Our Baby Up for Adoption?"

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on June 16, 2017

stop gf from doing adoption.jpgA guy asked us just last week: "My girlfriend is pregnant and wants to give our baby away for adoption. I’m against it. Can I fight against it or is it out of my control?"

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The truth is, no, it isn't out of your control. We encourage you to learn more about open adoption. With open adoption, you can still be part of your child’s life. It’s a good option, particularly if you aren't ready to parent a child.

Are you giving your girlfriend any financial or emotional support now, throughout her pregnancy? These are both things that come into play when thinking about the adoption decision.

Ask yourself, why does she want to make an adoption plan? Maybe she has educational and career plans and having a baby isn't part of them. Maybe she already has children and can't afford to feed another baby. Or, it could be that she knows your relationship isn't strong enough for such a life-changing event as becoming parents. 

birth father texting.jpgAdoption is one of those decisions in life that is selfless. You make a decision based on what is best for your child, in spite of your own desires. We ask that you talk to your girlfriend more. Instead of talking about what each of you wants, talk about the life you want your child to have. Looking at waiting families online can sometimes help you learn about the possibilities with adoption.

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