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Can I Do Adoption If My Baby’s Father is in Jail?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 6, 2016

babys_dad_in_jail.jpgQuestion: "My baby's dad just got sentenced to two years in jail. I'm already struggling to make ends meet with our three-year-old son, and so I'm thinking about adopting out this baby. Can I still do adoption though, with him being in jail?"

Answer: One reason many women choose adoption is because they lack help from the birth father. Sometimes the baby’s father may be absent because of a jail or prison sentence and in most cases adoption is still possible. Every situation is different and it helps to talk with a professional about your situation.

There are two common ways we see this question play out:

If your baby’s father has a history of abuse, to you or others, you may worry about involving him in an adoption plan. Or, maybe the father of your child is on probation and you’re trying to avoid contact with him because of his history of unstable and unhealthy decisions with drugs or illegal activity. In situations where your child’s father may pose risk to you or the baby, an attorney and adoption professional will do everything possible to protect you and the plan you want to make for your baby’s future. When choosing adoption, your adoption professionals will put you and your baby’s safety and privacy first.

In other situations, a mother may want her child’s father to be a part of the adoption process, even though he is in jail. When it’s legally possible and safe, an adoption attorney may be able to help involve the birth father as an adoption plan takes place. In some circumstances adoptive parents may even be willing to share updates with your baby’s father while he’s imprisoned or on parole.

It’s important to be honest with your adoption worker about your whole situation so that you get the best help and correct answers to help you determine if adoption is the right path for your baby. Call anytime to speak with someone about how adoption could work for you and your baby right now: 1-800-923-6784.

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