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Can I Choose Who Will Adopt My Baby?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on June 9, 2015

can_i_chooseChoosing adoption is giving a tremendous gift of love to your baby. Making this choice can be difficult, however, if you don’t know what the future holds for your child. If you have been wondering, “Who will adopt my baby?”, there is an answer that will give you peace of mind about your decision. Open adoption gives you the power to select the future you want for you child.

What Is Open Adoption?

Open adoption gives you control over the family who will adopt your baby, as well as the opportunity to have some involvement in your child’s life after adoption.

With an open adoption, you can look through the families waiting to adopt, and choose one who has the values, home life, religious views, or financial situation that you want for your baby. You can speak to the family in person, and even meet them face to face if you would like.

Open adoption also gives you the chance to see how your child is growing up, if you wish. You may want to receive letters, emails, and pictures of your child. You may want to speak or meet with your child and adoptive family occasionally. With an open adoption, you can see that you made the right choice in providing for your baby.

Who Are The People Who Want To Adopt My Baby?

Adoptive families from all over the United States are waiting to share their love and homes with a baby. They are couples, families, single parents, and grandparents. They are people who have been praying to give a home to their first child, people who want to welcome more children into their lives, and people who have adopted before. All of these different people have one shared dream; to provide all of their love and resources to give the best life possible to a child. All families who want to adopt your baby have gone through a rigorous screening process, so you can be assured that the approved families will provide a loving and safe environment.

How Do I Pick Who Will Adopt My Baby?

With open adoption, you can look for a family that can provide the life you want for your baby. If you don’t know how to get started, write out a list of all of the things that you want to give to your baby. What kind of future do you picture for your child? What kind of home would they live in? What kind of activities and hobbies would they do with their adoptive family? How would they spend their summers? Would you want your child to grow up in a particular religion? There is a family waiting that can give a loving home and the life that you desire to your baby. An adoption professional can help you find the perfect match, as well.

You can give the gift of a safe, loving, and stable home to your child. By choosing the family who will adopt your baby, you have the power to give your child the future that you desire for them. Open adoption allows you to choose their family and home, and gives you the chance to see your child grow up happy and loved. Placing your baby for adoption doesn’t have to be scary or uncertain, it can be a carefully thought out decision that gives the best life possible to your child and peace of mind to yourself. New Call-to-action

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